Collaborative leadership, the rise of the wiki leader

//Collaborative leadership, the rise of the wiki leader

Collaborative leadership, the rise of the wiki leader

The world’s economic structures and information systems have changed phenomenally over the years and it’s had a significant impact on leadership as well as business.  First there was the world wide web, then came google domination, followed by amazon and facebook.  Where we used to expect the leader to have all the answers and equally all the power, there is now emerging a more dynamic situation.

Gone are the industrial days of autocratic decision making and dutiful employees seeking rewards and promotions up a linear ladder.  The information days and digital revolution have seen an open access to information, take wikipedia and open source programming as two examples.

In this always on connected society what’s expected and required of a leader is changing.  It’s no longer about a leader having all the answers or solutions.  It’s certainly not going to work in terms of keeping staff engaged and increasing their autonomy.  Neither is it going to help with scaling of the business. With the increase in agile and the ability to handle uncertainty I say we’re seeing the rise of wiki leadership.

What is Wiki Leadership?

I describe it as a dynamic, collaborative style where the leader knows they don’t have the answer to everything, yet they’re confident that someone somewhere will.  Where ideas can flow freely up and down the organisation, which now means they flow freely around the organisation.  Where the leader has the confidence to ask questions out beyond the company walls. And also understands that sweet spot of vulnerability. They’re also working on connecting, engaging and building and not just for their own ends.

Techno Shift v Mental Shift

Of course being more dynamic, open, receptive and connected asks us to grow on several fronts.

Firstly we have to embrace the joys of technology, using the various platforms and media correctly and respectfully.

Secondly our mindset or attitude has to expand and become even more open, receptive, curious.  We need to be aware of our unconscious bias and how it’s influencing our choices and decisions.

We also need to develop our human connect-ability more, emotional intelligence being a key component.

A Few Questions to Help…

How much of your leadership style and approach is expected to be that of solve, answer and provide some form of parental role and how much of your style is dynamic, open and receptive?

What are the external barriers that stop you from being more of a collaborative leader?

What are the internal (mental) blocks that hinder you being the leader you’d like to be?

What Next?

Time is valuable as is your growth as a leader.

Maybe there are challenges you want to resolve and goals you want to achieve right now?

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