What you pay attention to determines your business results

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What you pay attention to determines your business results

Every year, season and day is an opportunity full of new beginnings, potential and promise; or doom and gloom depending on what you choose to pay attention to.

Right now it is sad that companies are going into receivership, even sadder for the people who are facing uncertainty or job loss.  Yet for the leadership of each and every one of these companies, the state of their business can’t have been a complete surprise.  I think it is fair to say we’re in times of extremes, for every company that goes under there’s one that’s having its best year yet.  I truly hope you’re going to be in the latter category.

Now each year as I decide my goals, yes decision is an important factor in making them happen, I also make notes which will provide support or inspiration as I undertake the growth required to hit the goal.  Let me share with you a few notes I’ve re-written in my journal.  No they’re not new to me, in fact I share them frequently with my clients, but they’re so powerful and fundamental to success that on those days when everything seems to be going pear shaped, this is a very fast way of me getting back on track.

1) Your thoughts will determine your actions.

2) Your actions repeated become your habits.

3) Your habits determine your results.

4) If you don’t want to get the same results you’re going to have to change your habits.

Now the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  So if I keep all the same habits I’m going to get the same results, if I don’t like these results then it’s logical to suppose insanity is the next step.

So when I want to get back on track quickly I pay attention to my thoughts.

What are you paying attention to, who’s voice are you listening to, who’s opinions are you mulling over?

All of this gives rise to thoughts, although in some cases we’re so busy we forget to think and just blindly accept, especially if the source is one of authority.

As a leader you set the tone.  Are the conversations the same you’ve been having for a while, has a habit of moaning, complaining, or expecting the worst set in amongst staff?

If things are really bad, if cash flow is poor, if customer retention is down, it’s a statement of the current position, which has arisen through previous thoughts, actions and habits.  It isn’t a guaranteed statement of the future, unless of course you keep everything the same.

Lastly may I wish you a dose of Good Luck

Here’s the recipe:-

1) Create and notice opportunities

2) Make decisions based on your intuition

3) Create self fulfilling prophesies through positive expectation

4) Have a resilient attitude

There is still time to have a phenomenal year.

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