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Coaching and Mentoring

Time is a precious commodity, and you don’t want to waste it or any other resources trialling various programmes to see what might have content and insights that works for you.

Leadership can feel like a lonely role especially in times of high change and uncertainty, and it’s good to have a sounding board and someone with experience of leadership and business.

Maybe there are challenges you want to resolve and goals you want to achieve right now?

Our VIP ½ day or 1 day coaching and mentoring package is designed to give you the confidence, clarity and action plan you need to get desired results.

Spend ½ – 1 day with Ruth (either in person or on the phone) and move from chaos to clarity.  We will agree specific outcomes beforehand, and at the end of our session, you will have:-

Learning Outcomes

  • Dealt with your most pressing issues
  • Explored routes to your desired outcomes
  • Developed a clear strategy moving forwards
  • Have a focussed action plan for the next three months; with accountability

To discover if this is the right investment for you at this moment in your leadership journey contact us and we’ll arrange a conversation.

The route to experiencing Authentic Success, and fulfilling the potential you have as a world class leader, begins with a conversation.

To start yours either fill in the form, or contact us via post / phone, whichever suits you the most. Looking forward to hearing from you….

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