“There is no such thing as try, only do or do not do” Yoda

Now he is a Sage (following on from my archetype post).  Anyway back to the word ‘Try’; a wonderful word that says reason for not doing it is already in the bag.  “I’ll try and get that report to you by Friday”, is very different from “I’ll get it to you by Friday”, the latter is confidence, certainty, promise.  Most of us hate to break promises so we hesitate and try is that word that isn’t disobedient or confrontational.

Observe yourself, are you saying try because you’ve never done X before; are you saying try because you don’t want to do X.  What’s the reason that you already know which would stop you completing X?

If you want to walk you talk, live a more authentic life, then quit trying.  Either decide to do something, go for it 100%, get the feedback and make any course corrections.  Alternatively decide not to do it.  Trust me, whichever you decide it’ll free up your energy.

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