The impact clutter has on your goals

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The impact clutter has on your goals

The first 2 letters of GOAL spell GO – Anon

Only 148 days to go to the end of 2008, today you are investing in you 218th day of the year.  Interesting if not slightly scary thought.  So how are you making progress with the goals you set yourself, either personally or at work? 

One of the most common reasons for people not making progress in their goal is because it isn’t very well thought out – more information on this in our August ezine.  Sign up if you haven’t already done so because as well as offering more in depth pragmatic material, it often features exclusive offers and advance invitations to our teleseminars and events.  

One other reason for slow goal progress is that you’ve got too much clutter in your life, your desk, office, wardrobe, wherever. If that’s affecting you then this tip will give you the burst you need.

How many cars are there in your garage?
The answer for me is 2, cos that’s what it was designed for. It also contains the bikes, lawnmower, BBQ, deckchair, buckets, birdseed, and the car wash / polish stuff. What else would you expect to find in a garage. 
Well some people seems to think it’s the natural home for old beds, tables, fridges, broken vac’s awaiting repair when you get the time, and anything else that you can no longer fit in the house but can’t or won’t dispose of. In the meantime your car sits out on the drive or road, not too bad in summer, but a pain in the middle of winter.

What’s her problem you may think, well if you want to start taking back control in you life, I find garages a nice easy place to start.  So get in there this weekend and take everything that’s of no use to anyone to the tip.  Then either repair the broken vacs or equivalent or bin them too.  Finally anything which could be of use to someone else either give away or advertise in your local newspaper / eBay.  On this last point be firm with yourself, if no-one takes it off your hands within 2 weeks bin the item as well.  Now you should have a lot more space and the items in your garage should be things you use on a regular basis, if the answer to this is “well not in the last 12 months” then get rid of that too.  Finally buy some shelving or brackets and utilise the wall space.  Whether you now choose to park your car in the garage, and there can be insurance premium advantages, is up to you, but hey at least you have a positive choice.

If you do this right, then trust me, when you open the garage door you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed by the sight of so much clutter, and you’ll have the energy to get on with the task you went into the garage for, rather than the commando run you probably had to do in the past.  Now just imagine if you can achieve that energy shift in your life from sorting out your garage what would happen if you did it in a bigger area of your life?  Don’t have a garage, well wardrobes are also lucrative places to start 🙂

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