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Welcome to a new series I’ll be covering throughout this year on Success Principles.   

The first principle I’ll be exploring is Attitude.  

Humans have one of those luxuries – something we take for granted and overlook. 


Often we act like we don’t have a choice. We forget to use our freewill. And something that contributes to this is our attitude. 

Perhaps we get stuck on something and think it’s our ability that’s holding us back from making progress. I need to learn more to do better at this – and maybe you do.  And just check in with yourself, what’s your attitude on this subject? 

What is attitude? 

Your attitude is what’s going on inside of you, your thoughts and feelings about (you/others/subject). 

As you show up, eg to a meeting, what frame of mind are you in? What’s going round in your head, what mood are you in? 

There is something else that feeds into your attitude and that’s your archetypes.  These are deep patterns of thoughts and behaviours that run unconsciously. On the other hand they’re a fabulous resource for shifting attitudes when you’re consciously aware of how to use them, rather than the other way around.   

Lets briefly explore one. The Realist. In its helpful format it will enable you to process disappointment, learn what you need to learn for your future, increase your resilience.  

In it’s unhelpful form it allows you to wallow in self pity, feel powerless to whatever has been the source of pain. Your attitude would be one of pessimism / cynicism  

In the healthy realist it’s about helpful risk assessment , in the shadow realist it’s more like fatalistic there’s not point / it’s won’t work.  

Now we may not be aware of archetypes in ourselves, yet we will see them in others. The example I’ve just used. I’ll see both expressions of the Realist somewhere in conversations with others this week.  

And there will be times when it’s me doing them  

It’s not about eradicating, rather knowing how to switch to using it in its positive form.  

If you want to know how to work in harmony with your archetypes, check out our Archetypes Programme.

So all of the above comprise your attitude.   

The thing is our attitude is often determined by our past experiences and expectations. We forget that like the clothes we put on this morning, we can choose to change at any moment. 

And we don’t even need to find a telephone box and remove our glasses and whizz around a few times. 
Yet shifting our attitude can be as powerful as the transformation superman and wonder woman got in their telephone box twirling. 


3 Approaches to Improving Attitude 

Want more success, here are 3 attitudes that will help 

1. Think with an open mind.  For that we need to be curious, expansive.  And indeed suspend, even if it’s just temporary, our judgements, allowing us to consider more than we thought possible. 

Here is a podcast that expands on this 


2. Think for yourself.  The truth is we like to kid ourselves that we think for ourselves.  I’m an adult or course I think for myself.  Yet if we pay attention to our thoughts and follow them back to where they originated from.  Only a small percentage will have originated from within us as adults.  Most of our thoughts come from what others have said about us, social media, marketing, the news.  Or from our previous experiences when we were a child.  Turns out thinking for yourself is less common than we believe. 


3. Think constructively.  Which is a more expansive useful variation of think positive/optimistic, minus all the happy clappy, lets deny reality stuff.  Reality is what it is, deny it and you make success harder for yourself.  Let me illustrate.  Let’s say you have a goal, to do a leadership retreat with me in Cornwall.  Can’t wait to see you by the way, as these are even more powerful than twirling in a phonebox  Anyway let’s say current reality is you’re in Manchester.  Deny reality and getting to Cornwall is going to take a lot longer than if you acknowledge you’re currently in Manchester.   

Same principles occur if you’re saying I want to motivate my team to stay when turnover is high because we have a toxic culture.  Deny reality and achieving the success of the goal you desire i.e motivating your team to stay isn’t going to happen as smoothly as you’d like.  

In fact, I’d go as far as to say if you like difficult and hard then the quickest way to ensure that is to deny reality.   

And notice that nowhere in this am I saying you have to wallow in reality and inspect it’s every nook.  You only need to know you’re in Manchester not wander every street and have lunch at The Old Grapes. Unless of course you want to.    And should you wonder if I have something against Manchester then relax, I’m looking forward to wandering those streets again and having lunch.   


In Summary. 

There is a great book, Man’s Search For Meaning, by Viktor Frankl.  If you’ve haven’t read it I encourage you to do so.  Here is a quote from Viktor. 

Everything can be taken from a man but one things; the last of human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. 

And when you read his book this quote takes on a potency, it strips me of my excuses.  Because if he could choose his attitude in those circumstances then I sure as heck can choose mine.   


I hope you’ve enjoyed this first success principle and I strongly encourage you to check out all the links I’ve mentioned. 


In the meantime, go and be the difference in leadership 


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