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Remote Leadership is a hot skill, which is going to be required more and more by companies.

#WFH in some way, shape or form is going to be part of the future. Companies like Facebook, Google and Salesforce have announced their plans and policies to the end of this year. Which is great from a flexibility point of view. However, there are some real challenges for leaders with this.

How do you sustain productivity, performance, teamwork, and culture when in a remote work setting?

There are conversations I’ve been with leaders that are getting more common, such as

  • “How can I lead my team properly when I can’t be with them?”.
  • “Coaching doesn’t work (as well) when we’re not face to face ”
  • “We can’t have proper conversations so I don’t really know what’s going on”.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

remote leadership

After studying what it takes to be successful at leading a team remotely and helping leaders prepare for their changing responsibilities, one thing became clear. Most people resort to managing rather than leading. Which causes all sorts of problems, both short and long term.

The focus becomes numbers, KPI’s, tasks, Performance Management.

They’re important but what gets lost is connection, trust, engagement and empowerment.

As a leader you feel like you’re not really there for your people like you want to be.


So I sat down and asked myself the question “Ruth, you’ve been leading remotely for over 20 years now.  You coach and mentor over the phone and your clients get breakthrough results.  What are you doing / what do you know that if others could do it would allow them to comfortably be able to lead remotely?”

And you’ll be pleased to know I have answers. And being properly scientific, I’ve spent this summer testing the answers are correct and get results.

They do and I’ve distilled this into a super practical 6-week virtual course that will help you to unlock the potential in your people, whilst hitting those all-important business numbers.

remote leadership

During this 6 week course you’ll learn:-

  • Comprehensive active listening skills
  • How to fine-tune your sensory awareness; even when you can’t actually see the person (this is what my clients call the jedi stuff)
  • How to identify where the real source of the problem is and therefore the solution
  • Discovering what really motivates a person and their decision-making criteria and how you can align this to performance management and hitting KPI’s.
  • How to set up powerful conversations for lasting change.
  • Discovering the power of beliefs and how to change ones that aren’t working
  • The ability to ask quality questions that unlock the potential in another


Course Structure:

Each week there will be a zoom call where I’ll share with you vital knowledge and experience along with practical ways to apply it with your team.  And of course, you’ll have an opportunity to practice and ask questions.

Then you’ll have a week to practice what you’ve learnt before we get together again for the next segment.

As we move through the weeks, you’ll learn and apply these key skills, have your questions asked and build your confidence in your ability to lead remotely.

All of this means that by the end of the course you’ll be confident in applying your new level of skills and experience as a remote leader:-

  • Knowing that you’re now showing up as the leader you want to be for your people.
  • Being able to support them right now at a time when they need you the most.
  • You’ll also know that you’re building a strength that will only become more in demand by employers. Talk about future-proofing yourself.

This course is an investment in you right now as well as your future.  Not forgetting the team of people you currently lead.

Oh and here’s the bonus, everything you learn, you can use it in conversation with customers/ clients and other functions in the business too.  Trust me, this stuff is pure gold.

Are you ready to future proof your leadership and be there for your team and business?

If you resonate with this and either want to know when the next public group programme is or want to run this in-house for your people, call me.

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