Leave the comfort zone

//Leave the comfort zone

Leave the comfort zone

In my last post I mentioned that great people live with fear, not in it. 

Last night I was networking at an IOD event and had the opportunity to meet and talk with several wonderful people.  In one conversation we were talking about being in your comfort zone.  There is a very simple law  – you’re either growing or you’re dying. 

If you love what you do and you feel comfortable then you are dying (and so is the business you’re leading). 

If you love what you do and are also aware of fear then you’re growing.  You recognise you don’t have the answer to everything and that you’ll be working out how to do it along the way. 

If you set off to achieve a goal and everything on the way works out perfectly, then you didn’t push yourself.  On a personal level that may be OK, however from a business perspective you are creeping along wanting to remain in safety and in the long run that could be disastrous. 

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