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A 2 day guided journey to becoming a more authentic, courageous and resilient leader

Sometimes you have to take a step back to see the best way forward.

You know what it’s like, on the go, in the business, handling day to day matters, so it can be hard to find time to step back, see the bigger picture and work out the future.

Where next / What next. Which comes first?

Well how about Who.  We’re more accomplished at considering the doing and the having.  Less so at considering the being.

Taking time away from the everyday to go within, revitalise and focus on what’s important for the future.  Not everyone will do it, in fact most people will come up with lots of reasons they can’t do it.

Now here’s the provocation, real leaders, well the ones that will be leading in the future, they know these reasons for what they are – excuses, distractions, ways of slowing yourself down.

“Transformational and invigorating.  I know myself better than I ever have and feel a confidence in my leadership and ability to navigate the future that I didn’t have before the retreat.”

Staying in one of the most beautiful parts of Cornwall, experience the magic of nature and the power of question, to effect great lasting change.

What got you here in your leadership journey won’t get you to your desired future.  A bold statement, and one you probably know to be true.

Your leadership retreat will be crafted to meet you where you’re at right now AND achieve your goals.  It’s designed to work on the inside so you can bring more of you to the outside world through your leadership.  This is for leaders who wish to harness their personal power to become more authentic, successful, and effective as a change agent.

Retreat beach

How do you know if you’re ready for a leadership retreat?

If the light has gone out of what you loved, you’re wondering if you’re losing your mind, or your self even.  You’re at a crossroads.  Now it’s easy for me to say “oh how exciting”.  But when you’re there, exciting might not be the word you’d use.  Yet your soul knows it is.  All these are signs that you’re faced with the exciting and powerful choice – to step up and out and lead a bigger game.  Or let life overwhelm you, your mind play tricks on you, and the comfort zone absorb you.

Alternatively, maybe you’ve got an idea, a vision, a dream.  Something that lights you up and you want to make a reality.  Super pronto like.  This leadership retreat would act like a laser.  Powerup, and get ready, because you know you’re a leader who’s here to add to the lives of those you lead.


What next

The retreat is designed for you, that’s why it delivers results.  Get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to explore what difference a leadership retreat would make to you and the lives of those you lead.

The route to experiencing Authentic Success, and fulfilling the potential you have as a world class leader, begins with a conversation.

To start yours either fill in the form, or contact us via post / phone, whichever suits you the most. Looking forward to hearing from you….

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