Increase your Self Esteem

//Increase your Self Esteem

Increase your Self Esteem

Your level of self esteem is an often overlooked but important attribute for success.

If you have high levels of self esteem you can achieve the results that matter to you most by tapping into a self worth and a core confidence that is powerful in every situation.

Remember the following principle… Whatever you focus on you get more of.

If you focus on problems you’ll get more of them, if you focus on solutions you’ll get more of them.  Start focusing daily on what makes you happy, what fulfills you and what excites you.  This is the first secret to dramatically improving your self worth and self value in every area of your life.

For example:

If you want to like yourself as a person, focus on what you like about yourself, not what you don’t like about yourself.  If you want to increase someone else’s sense of self then focus on what you like about them and tell them.  For those that have an inner critic running this unexpected compliment will cause some disruption in their circuitry.  Those with low self esteem will have to counter your compliment, but over time things will shift.

The more you focus on what you want, the more your self worth, happiness, charisma, motivation and passion will increase and these new qualities will assist you in every area of your life..

When it comes to building your self esteem, a great source is the work of Nathaniel Branden, here’s a link to some of his articles.

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