How To Train Your Mind To Fail Or Succeed

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How To Train Your Mind To Fail Or Succeed

One of the reasons you’re not unlocking your full potential is you’re unwittingly setting yourself up for failure when you start something new.


Here’s Version 1

We get inspired/motivated.

We do some research and talk to our friends/peers.

We read / TED talk watch; we consume information.

We get distracted by the everyday, by whoever or whatever is shouting loudest.

And life returns to ‘normal’ / predictable.


Version 2

We get inspired/motivated.

We do some research and share our ideas with our friends/ peers for their input.

We set a clear(ish) goal.

We read / TED talk watch; now we consume information relevant to our goal.

We start taking action, we’re trying things out, doing new things, we’re on a mission.  We’re like a crazy lady (or man) hoovering it all up.

And then we run out of energy and we stop.

Because we didn’t see anything change and the effort becomes a struggle.

Our self-talk takes over.  “This doesn’t work”, “I’m doing something wrong”, “It’s obviously not meant to be”


And so you quit before things start to take effect.  (It’s like you’ve planted bulbs and watered them and weeded, but as you can’t see the tulips yet it all feels like the work is for nothing.)

And when you stop, you’re training your mind to quit.  That’s the neural pathway you’re creating.

Which means that when you next go for a goal, your unconscious, which always looks to the past for the outcome rather than the future, comes back with your previous pathway and oops! you’re about to repeat the cycle.


So here’s a version that will work

Version 3

You get inspired/motivated.

You do some research (you only talk with people who believe in you and have your back)

You set a clear(ish) goal and commit to it.

You invest in resources that will take you towards your goal. (This could be books / TED talks / Udemy / A Coach/Mentor etc. )

[Side note – the bigger the goal, the bigger your investment in you will be, and the bigger the reward and return on your investment]

You take imperfect action, consistently. (And some of your actions may also be perfect actions 😊 )

You course correct along the way.  You remind yourself, you’re in this for your goal, not a finite period of time or to feel comfortable.


How do I know these versions? Because I’ve done them.  All of them.  Several times, just to make sure the first few times weren’t flukes.


If you’re in pursuit of a goal right now.  Check in, observe yourself.  Which version are you doing?

If it’s version 1 or 2, pause and either STOP!! And give yourself a break, don’t re-enforce the cycle in your unconscious or switch to version 3.

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