Holidays – no longer a time for relaxation

//Holidays – no longer a time for relaxation

Holidays – no longer a time for relaxation

According to a recent survey  83% of London’s City workers will be taking their Blackberry on holiday with them.  A quarter are going to check their email and a third take their laptop. 

This year whilst on holiday I noticed several people every night gathered around their laptops in the free WiFi area.  With one or two with their phone at the ready next to their sun lounger.  Whatever happened to it being OK to relax, switch off and chill out.  No one can be that indispensable that they can’t have at least 1 week away without their lack of input having a significant negative effect on the business.  I own a business and my commitment is to turn my mobile on once a day to pick up and respond to any urgent messages. 

Stephen Covey in the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People talks about sharpening the saw.  If we keep pushing ourselves, with no time to refresh, then our performance and productivity is going to drop.  So too perhaps the enjoyment of our job.   I’m not going to witter on about delegation etc.  if people choose to be connected to their work whilst on holiday that’s their choice, but what if through your leadership you’re setting up a culture that says you expect people to be accessible, connected and involved 24/7 365.  If when you go on holiday and you phone in to work are you inadvertently saying “I expect you to do the same”, rather than making it clear it’s your choice.  The reasons for your staff staying in touch on holiday can be very insightful as to what’s emerging and taking hold as common work practice – are these what you want to encourage and embed?

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