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Sometimes a blank page can be overwhelming, so below are a few examples of the high potential leadership programmes we have created and delivered.  You could consider them as stand-alone topics or thread them together to make a high potential leadership programme facilitated over a year.  When interspersed with 1:1 coaching this makes a programme that really makes a difference.  To the individual, their team, and the business.  Frequently when we do this, the feedback is summed up as “life changing”.

Communicating for Results

No matter what market your business operates in, you’re always communicating with someone.

  • Ever had a discussion with someone and walked away wondering why they didn’t understand you?
  • Perhaps you are becoming increasingly frustrated with another leader in the business because it feels like you are talking a different language?
  • Alternatively, maybe you know someone who appears to effortlessly communicate with charisma and think; “I wish that were me”?

In Communicating for Results you’ll learn a range of skills, which will enable you to understand yourself and others; in meetings, negotiations, in fact, all areas of your business.


Creating a coaching culture

Anyone who is serious in sport has a coach.  The same holds true for anyone in business.  Coaching is becoming critical within organisations as a powerful way of getting results with their staff.

  • The old command and control way of leading or having to have all the answers is limiting performance; of yourself, employees and the business.
  • Motivation, Creativity, Commitment, Integrity, they’re all examples of things we want from our staff. They’re not skills but intrinsic traits. So, how do you empower your staff to ‘show you who they are’ and to do their best work?
  • Having the ability to ask the power questions that enable others to get positive results in their life is a gift.  A gift you can learn.

Utilising models from the field of advanced human change you’ll learn and experience the successful power coaching can have within an organisation.


Stage Magic – Advanced Presentation Skills

Two of the most common fears in business are giving presentations and selling.

  • Would you like to give your heart a break from the stress and appear so powerfully in control that your audience eats out of your hand?
  • Maybe you’re doing well and yet you’ve seen a charismatic presenter or trainer holding an audience with their storytelling capability and wondered “how do they do that?”
  • Wouldn’t you like to feel confident that you can be called to give a presentation with 15 minutes notice and still own the floor with your presence, credibility, and authenticity?

This course lets you release your fears, take control and get noticeable results.


Managing Change and Uncertainty

Change in any organisation is inevitable in order to survive within the current climate. Fast paced technology shifts teamed with an age of ever-increasing diversity of customers and their requirements mean that organisations have to predict changes just to stay on top of them.

If you are not in control of the change then it can feel overwhelming.  This leads to stress, rejection of the change and poor performance.  All of which have a cost on the business and the individuals concerned.

This course works with a real change issue that you’re going through.  You’ll leave with a concrete plan for how you can implement the current change and the confidence and drive to do so.


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