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Focus on what you want

My dad, in his time, has uttered some wise words to me.  Whilst teaching me the finer points of driving he said that, should I ever get in to trouble, always focus on where you want your car to end up (ideally in a car sized space), rather than do what seems to come natural and have your attention glued to the object you’re hoping to miss, because if you do that you’ll hit it.

It works – I used to live in Yorkshire, where there are sheep on the loose, snow drifts to contend with, aside from other cars on the road.  And so far I’ve always managed to find a space the size of my car to ‘park’ in.

Now in the conversations I have with my clients there is one that looks a bit like this..

Client “This is what I don’t want to happen…. and I’ve been thinking about how I make sure it doesn’t happen….”

Me “Do you know what you do want to happen and how you can make that happen?”

Client “Yes, but I’m concerned because I really don’t want blah to a happen…”

When you know what you want or where you want to be – then focus on that.  You’ll be significantly more productive.

Right now that holds true when we’re bombarded with stuff on the credit crunch.  I’m not suggesting ostrich maneuvers here.  However if you obsess about your business not making any money, guess what.  Then again if you ask yourself a different question, like how can I make more money? Then you’ll find over time more and more ideas or opportunities coming to you around that subject.

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