Fancy instant success in a bottle?

//Fancy instant success in a bottle?

Fancy instant success in a bottle?

Out there in the garden called life we see success and greatness all the time.  What we don’t often see is what it takes to get there.  With programs like X Factor we could be seduced in to thinking that you show case your natural talent, get a lucky break, appear on TV and Bob’s suddenly your uncle – or in this case Simon.  There is less emphasis on the trials, errors, commitment and sacrifice the person has gone through to develop their passion.  

We meet someone who has achieved what we want, and they offer to help us.  They’ve distilled their knowledge, learnings and mistakes in to something we can participate in and get the benefits in a fraction of the time.  Yet still there are those who want it even quicker.  All of those I know who have achieved success did it from the inside out.  They worked on their character as well as their competence. 

So I wonder, are we building a culture / workplace that eludes to, or expects instant fame, fortune and success in a bottle and if so how do we help people cope with the disappointment and disillusionment?  And will all of this help to build a more resilient generation or bitter cynicism?

What do you think?

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