I got to see the Red Arrows last week and even though I’ve seen them before my mouth was wide open in amazement.  Thousands of people were gasping, oohing and aarhing.  I also had to laugh at myself as every time they flew towards each other my heart stopped, even though my head said ‘of course they’re going to miss’.  Their skill, dedication and discipline were evident.

Afterwards it got me thinking about their discipline.  What happens if one of the pilots decides they want to do something different?  The answer is obvious.  So here we have a leader and several followers, together as a team they put on a fabulous display of aeronautical acrobatics.  What about in business…too many times I’ve seen people decide that they’re going to ignore what the leader says and go off and do their own thing.  Now I’m sure when the Red Arrows are planning their displays there’s much discussion on what they’re going to do, but when they’re in the air, that’s it, everyone does what they’ve all agreed.  None of this I’ll do my own thing anyway because a) I know better, b) I want more recognition, c)I didn’t actually agree or any of the other common reasons I see in business.

As a leader people won’t follow you if there is no respect or trust.  As a member of the team speak out in the planning stage, but when it gets to execution do you have the discipline to follow through on the agreement, or are you going for a freestyle solo performance without telling the rest of the cast?

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