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Corporate Culture – Less talk, more action

Corporate culture and it’s effect on performance is a rising issue.  However it can be overwhelming and sometimes it helps to look around to see what others have done.  Have they moved from talking about it, and acting all cool and trendy to actually doing something and getting their hands dirty?  Every once in a while I get a bit annoyed by those who just want to talk.  Values blah blah… culture blah blah.  And should you ask them about their leadership in all of this – well – can I not see I’m in the presence of perfection.  Err no, but I’ve certainly met your ego.  What I can tell at that point is, I’m not in the presence of a new client.  One of the things our clients have in common is a strong desire to actually do something and an awareness that no matter how good they are as a leader ( and they are), they know it’s not enough, they want to be a great leader.  Then of course they know that it’s a continual journey.  They are the lid on the performance of the unit/team/section/business.

So if you’re wondering what to do about the impact your current culture is having on the performance of your business you could drop us a line and we can suggest some specific sources that will help you.

Alternatively here is a presentation from Netflix.  OK it’s 128 slides long, but if you’re interested in the what and some how around others companies embracing and working with their culture and values, then get clicking, it’s worth it.

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