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“Is Corporate Culture Generating Profit or The Silent Assassin In Your Business?”

If life for you is anything like the leaders and directors I’m currently working with you’ll be having that tough job of:

  • Handling uncertainty
  • Finding and recruiting the right people with the skills and character to match your culture
  • Managing talent and succession plans
  • Ensuring staff motivation and engagement is high
  • Managing staff levels to meet production requirements without unnecessary overheads

As a successful leader you know you have to:

  • Resolve conflict
  • Build strong relationships
  • Ensure change and transitions happen smoothly and successfully

But what’s the best way to achieve that when the market is still volatile, teams are operating in silo’s, morale is affected and people are looking for someone to blame?

We’re all wise enough to know there is no magic pill or wand to wave. However there are aspects of business we can take a closer look at to see if they’re supporting all our efforts, or sabotaging them.

And if you could only look at one area, then Corporate Culture is the critical one.

Why do I say that? Because in virtually every project I’ve been involved in, corporate culture has been the ingredient that has either given us the extra edge and the client has experienced enormous success; or it’s been the ingredient that has swallowed up resources and made simple problems a nightmare.

I’ve been working with corporate culture now for something like 12 years. It started off as a fascinating mystery, then I experienced how powerful it was in shaping the success of change programmes (ouch); and over the years I’ve learned just how culture can sap a company’s valuable assets and leave them vulnerable to every business challenge. It’s also the most common reason mergers & acquisitions and joint ventures fail.

On the plus side, my experience has also led me to be able to measure corporate culture, to manage it, to channel it purposefully and increase a company’s profitability, productivity and staff motivation. So whilst it’s still no magic pill, it’s no longer a black art either and I want to share some of this with you.

In my latest report you’ll learn:-

  • Which of the 4 ages of business you’re currently operating in – this will give you an idea of just how close to the edge you are.
  • How to spot the signs that your culture is weakening your business, increasing your vulnerability to external events.
  • What the new principles are that underpin all business success – hopefully you’ll be doing some of these.
  • The typical mistakes I encounter and how you can determine if you’re making any of these.

If you’d like to learn more about the impact culture is currently having on your organisation then fill in the form below and I’ll send you a copy immediately.

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