Coping with redundancy

//Coping with redundancy

Coping with redundancy

Well it’s the run up to Christmas and not all the news is festive.  MFI, Woollies fell and other companies are announcing redundancies and lay-offs, so what can you do to smooth the uncertainty and pain.  No leader ever wants to give the news “your role has gone”, let alone have to do it on the run up to Christmas.

The Sunday Times ran an article on helping redundant staff start again and if it’s time to look for something new then it’s daily version has a few tips on finding a new job .

As uncertainty increases what matters most is you taking action to feel as resourceful as possible.  Being told you’ve lost your job can be a little like having your legs whipped from under you, a stunning blow and one that leaves you reeling like a kelly wondering what to do next.  Having helped many people through this difficult time the one constant is that the more you know about you, the more resources you have.   You don’t have to wait until you’re coping with emotional shock too.   Here’s s a product you can work with which will equip you well for your future.

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