Conversations leaders should be having

//Conversations leaders should be having

Conversations leaders should be having

Came across this post about President Obama’s first 100 days. I recommend you read it all (it’s not long).

Here’s an extract from the post ….

  • Engage in fierce conversations from the very beginning.
  • Have conversations during which those at the table come out from behind themselves into the conversations and make them real.
  • Surface mokitas (a Papua New Guinea word for “that which everyone knows and no one speaks of”) and finding out what they’re made of.
  • Raise the bar on the degree of boldness, openness, transparency, collaboration and cooperation at all levels within the administration.
  • Send the internal and external signal that this administration will not be conducting business as usual.

…… obviously it’s written from the perspective of presidency.  Yet this equally applies to the leadership of an organisation.

I wonder how often do we as leaders have real, meaningful conversations with everyone involved with the success of the organisation (so that’s not just the employees then).   How often do you do all the above?  Would it be every conversation, once a day, only with those we feel are on our side?  And what stops us from having them?

Conversations appear so simple, yet if they’re not real aren’t we just short changing those involved?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts….

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