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Continuous Learning & Leadership

A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.

Rosalynn Carter

Our life is a learning process. Learning does not come to an abrupt halt after the completion of school or college, but it continues throughout our lives.  Leadership should provide everybody the scope to learn. Most of the time, staff are worried to reinvent or innovate themselves as they are afraid of the fact that they might make mistakes in the process and it will not be appreciated by their leaders.  The leaders on the other hand, should not criticize the workers for their mistakes but use this person’s willingness to continuously improve.  Constructive feedback done well points out the areas where further improvement can be made but doesn’t have any negative impact on the morale of the worker.

A good leader is conscious about all the quintessential ingredients which make a great leader.  This means they invest not only in the development of their staff but also themselves.  This allows the leader to provide proper guidance at every stage to all employees so that they do not lose their focus or direction.  Leadership isn’t just about striving for the growth of the organization but it also exerts equal preference for the growth of people.  It doesn’t have to be training courses, in somecases an active mentoring or coaching role (yes they are different) can provide the framework for the growth and development required.

If your staff are not asking for development then look to the culture of your organisation.  Is continous learning and improvement important?  Perhaps it’s important to the product or service you provide but you’ve never made the link to staff development explicit.  Where do you and your employees need to be in order for your business to grow and thrive?  And if growth is a stretch then where do you need to be in order to handle the uncertain business market?

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