Are your goals demanding change or transformation?

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Are your goals demanding change or transformation?

Welcome to January, the time of goal setting.  Success in achieving what you desire depends on a few things.  Taking the time to write it down is one. Yes, it’s that simple and so many people skip that step.  When you write a goal down it affects your mind in a different way to if you didn’t.  It moves from being a passive thought to something that is actively imprinted.  You could say it shows a little more commitment. 

You will also find that speaking your goal allowed is very revealing.  Listen to your voice as you say it.  Do you believe you? Do you sound confident? Is there a rush of energy or excitement?  Or do you feel flat, hesitant or doubtful?  The latter just shows you that there is some work to do on shaping your goal, does it need to change or do you?

Which leads me to the biggie – whether your goal asks for change or transformation.

What’s the difference between change and transformation?

Well change is doing something a different way.  Sleeping on the other side of the bed, eating something you’ve never tried before, are simple examples of change.  The end result of course is still the same, you’ve slept and you’re fed.  Transformation on the other hand is where there is a major shift, a little like a caterpillar going to sleep and waking up a butterfly.  At some point the caterpillar knew it had a butterfly inside and to become that, it needed to let go so the next expression could emerge.  It’s not crawling anymore it’s flying.

When you set a goal the courageous question to ask yourself is “given everything I am currently, can I achieve this goal?” and in some cases the answer is no and what’s required is a major shift.  If you still choose to achieve your goal, you embark upon the journey of transformation.  The journey can take months or even years and because transformation is called for it will have moments of pain and vulnerability, and as you keep moving through and towards your goal, you realise it is this process of transformation that is giving you the resources you need.  There is no by-pass or quick fix, it just helps if you’re clear beforehand how committed you are to achieving your goal.  If the prize isn’t compelling enough then the pain associated with the chrysalis phase will seem too higher price to pay.  This is where people then back off, stop and fail.  All that went before in some cases was a waste of time and resources. 

My advice then is to take the time to write down your compelling prize, then throughout your transformation it’ll guide you and remind you that the apparent madness and folly you’re experiencing right now is all going to be worth it.

Pursuing Transformation Goals

When you pursue a goal that requires transformation it’s also important to surround yourself with people that support and believe in you.  And be careful who you share your goal with.  We struggle with change enough, transformation usually scares others so much they will find any way to stop it. 

When your goal is something you really want, it’s often worth investing in it and yourself beyond the obvious for the goal.  Think of it as the tactical approach to realising a goal and the strategic approach.  The tactical is doing the obvious steps needed to close the gap between where you want to be and where you are now.  If your goal requires transformation there will be unseen things to handle.  The fastest or most productive way of ensuring you successfully navigate these is to find yourself an experienced impersonal ally – also called a business coach.  This is the work I do with my clients, helping them to successfully complete the journey of transformation and achieve their goal as fast as possible.

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