Are they with you?

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Are they with you?

People keep asking me, “what do you think is happening given the current economic situation, what do you think leaders need to pay attention to?”

There are several things, but today I’m going to touch on one.  You need to remember that it’s better to have people working with you than for you.  And it’s even more important when making and communicating decisions that you remember they’re people and not human resources.  They may well interpret your words and actions in ways you hadn’t foreseen.  They’ll be influenced by the media / their peers / sources you may or may not be aware of.  Fear and scarcity are sources of motivation and the media are currently banging that drum very well.  A workforce driven by fear is nowhere near as valuable as one driven by a mission, a desire to be there, to work with you.  Choice is a valuable component.  Now just before you go, yes I know this, cor how flippin obvious/basic/apple pie, take a moment to check just how much of this are you putting in to practice, and would those who work with you agree?  If there was such a thing a a fear-o-meter where would the needle be?

If you need to make redundancies who do you need to re-engage and how soon can you do it?  Putting it another way if you over look this, or do it badly, you build a wave of disillusionment and insecurity that can spread.

Right now what needs to be re-enforced – the vision, the immediate goals, the behaviours that will give you agility and resilience…???

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