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Is Our Archetypes In Leadership Programme Right For You?

7 Questions that challenge leaders

  • How can I get even better at handling uncertainty and ever changing conditions?
  • How can I ensure stability in the business so we have a solid platform for growth?
  • How can I build a team where everyone is highly motivated, engaged and feels like they belong?
  • How can we increase the results we’re getting, making us more productive and profitable?
  • How can I increase my resourcefulness and resilience as the leader?
  • How can I operate from my full potential and be of more service to my staff and our clients?
  • How can I handle difficult people & resolve conflict?

Are You Seeking Answers To Any or All of These Questions?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then understanding archetypes will provide you with answers.

What are Archetypes

Archetypes provide the deeper meaning for our experiences and our values.  They shape how we respond to other people, how we deal with challenges, even how we interact with branding and marketing.  Much more than that they invoke an unconscious emotional resonance which determines how we act.

Understanding the power of archetypes lets you discover the deepest sense of meaning in your life and for your career or business.  In fact, I would say that understanding archetypes has made the single biggest impact to my effectiveness and resilience; and has made a significant difference to the clients I have shared this with.

Because archetypes operate at such a deep unconscious level their impact on what’s possible for us to achieve is phenomenal.  Without any awareness of archetypes, it’s akin to driving an F1 car round the track with your feet hitting the accelerator and brake at the same time.

This programme allows you to consciously work with your archetypes, so they become an ally and powerful resource for you.  One that you can tap in to and use at will.


Outcomes of The Programme

Drawing upon the work of Carl Jung and using the Person-Marr Archetype Indicator (PMAI) as a framework you will :-

  • Know what the 12 key archetypes are that inform your life
  • Realise the gifts each archetype brings and how you can tap into these and use them for the right situation
  • Find out what’s really driving the choices you make, and if it’s not helpful, how you can change this
  • Find out which of the archetypes are dominant or dormant in your life right now, what strengths and challenges this means, and how you can work with this
  • Begin to understand where you are on your journey and have a meaningful conversation about the next steps
  • Express more of your authentic self and build stronger relationships with others
  • Consciously work with the patterns of thought and behaviour to create more success in your life
  • Be able to recognise archetypes in others’ behaviours to manage relationship dynamic


Programme Design

This individual programme runs over approximately 24 weeks.

  1. Overview and introduction, includes videos and pre-work.
  2. Module 1 – The Ego. This includes videos and pre-work as well as two 1:1 sessions with Ruth
  3. Module 2 – The Soul. Videos and pre-work, plus two 1:1 sessions with Ruth
  4. Module 3 – The Self. Videos and pre-work, plus two 1:1 sessions with Ruth
  5. Module 4 –  Your Leadership Core.  Videos and pre-work, plus two 1:1 sessions with Ruth

We’ll get together via Zoom for all our sessions together so it doesn’t’ matter where in the world you are, we can work together.


What benefits will I gain from doing this programme?

We believe authentic and resilient leadership is critical for the development of business. That real success, the sort that lasts, comes when you no longer compromise, sell out or play small. Authenticity isn’t about perfection; it’s about understanding your flaws as well as your gifts, talents and strengths. Resilience isn’t about being dogmatic; it’s about having an inner strength and core flexibility that enables you to confidently lead. Understanding archetypes will enable you to have quantum leap in your personal development as a leader.

  • Imagine what you could create in your life now you can consciously harness the power of these archetypes. Where will you choose to take your business next?
  • What if you could communicate at such a level you’re building strong teams and alliances.
  • Imagine knowing how you can utilise your deepest motivations to handle any future challenges, giving you ultimate flexibility.
  • What’s more this programme will help you develop an inner strength and resilience, a way of viewing business challenges and seeing what the root cause is.


What others have said about this programme

Having just completed the archetypes programme I can highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a deeper understanding of life and themselves, that is curious to become the person they always wanted to be and with that living a life full of joy, success and love.

For everyone the treasure will be different, for me, it was a life without anxiety, a life where I can be me no matter what and live in my own power with full authenticity.

Chris….. Investor


Thank you, Ruth, for the amazing Archetypes programme, and what a journey it was!  Getting to know the archetypes has been a journey of self-discovery, understanding which ones that I regularly call on and also how I can work better with the ones that I was less comfortable with. Mastering the archetypes has led me to understand how I react to certain situations and identifying the archetypes of others so that I can take my communication skills to the next level.

Luke…. Business Development Manager


The Archetypes Programme came at a very important point in my life where I was making a huge career and life change. It helped me to examine parts of me that I had forgotten to access. There was an incredibly powerful transformational effect on me as I worked through the modules, seemingly happening at just at the right time and reminding me that my career, my work and my personal life are all things that can really improve if I use what I’ve learned from understanding archetypes.    

Emily – Consultant


To discuss with us if this programme is the right investment for you, call 01726 844449 or contact us via our webform

The route to experiencing Authentic Success, and fulfilling the potential you have as a world class leader, begins with a conversation.

To start yours either fill in the form, or contact us via post / phone, whichever suits you the most. Looking forward to hearing from you….

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