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The Archetypes Programme came at a very important point in my life where I was making a huge career and life change. It helped me to examine parts of me that I had forgotten to access. There was an incredibly powerful transformational effect on me as I worked through the modules, seemingly happening at just at the right time and reminding me that my career, my work and my personal life are all things that can really improve if I use what I’ve learned from understanding archetypes.
Thank you, Ruth, for the amazing Archetypes programme, and what a journey it was! Getting to know the archetypes has been a journey of self-discovery, understanding which ones that I regularly call on and also how I can work better with the ones that I was less comfortable with. Mastering the archetypes has led me to understand how I react to certain situations and identifying the archetypes of others so that I can take my communication skills to the next level.
Business Development Manager
Having just completed the archetypes programme I can highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a deeper understanding of life and themselves, that is curious to become the person they always wanted to be and with that living a life full of joy, success and love. For everyone the treasure will be different, for me, it was a life without anxiety, a life where I can be me no matter what and live in my own power with full authenticity.
We all had a wonderful time in the workshop, it allowed us/me to take time out and really address overcoming problems and how we could move forward using people’s talent and individuality to best effect. As part of the work shop we identified problem areas and, with Ruth, we have come up with solutions on how we can best overcome...
L Smith
Sales Director / Lantei
“I can honestly say that the NLP course that Ruth ran for my management team was one of the best training programs that I have arranged. Unlike other courses in which the effects rapidly wear off, the principles have stuck and six months afterwards we are still actively using and referring to them.”
Dr I Walton
Development Director / Unilever Asia
I have worked with Ruth over past 4 years in her capacity as consultant and business owner. I bought her into our business based on her ability to both create an environment where people can learn and grow as well as challenge and provide valuable insight to all participants.
Sue Swanborough
HR Director / General Mills UK & Ireland

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