Being Vulnerable – An Important Leadership Characteristic

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Being authentic is not about being perfect.  On the route to becoming conscious of who we are we must be vulnerable.  Very often the thought “if I’m vulnerable then I’m showing my weakness” comes to m […]

Problem Solving – The Cause of Poor Results

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You can’t create the desired results you want AND problem solve at the same time.

Creating is creating, problem solving is the removal of something unwanted.  How often do you find yourself focusin […]

Authentic Leadership – The Application of Archtypes

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Being an Authentic Leader in today’s business environment is a tough job. Many leaders are seeking solutions to questions like:-

–       How can I ensure stability in the business so we have a soli […]

360° Feedback – Authentic Values Based Leadership

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Corporations keep scorecards, much like statistics on the players in football or baseball.  Profitability, sales, new client acquisition, employee retention and position within the market are easy to […]

The Razor’s Edge Is In The Being

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On January 15th 2009 US Airway Flight 1549 from New York’s LaGuardia airport to Charlotte, North Carolina got up close and personal with some birds.  Engines don’t like birds so that brought an abrupt […]

Successfully Implementing Your Business Strategy

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You have a business strategy, you may even have a plan to implement that strategy, and here are 3 common de-railers that will stop you from achieving it in the time frame possible.

1) No clear prio […]

A Courageous Conversation or Conversation Chess?

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I came across this quote the other day “I’ve always believed that a lot of troubles in the world would disappear if we were talking to each other instead of about each other.” Ronald Reagan.

It sum […]

Practical Advice on Increasing Trust In The Workplace

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Trust is a critical component to the success and performance of leaders and of a business.  A multiplier effect which is often overlooked.

High trust people get promoted and receive more of the co […]

An Introduction to Corporate Culture

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From my days as a Change Manager I remember the words “Ignore the power of your corporate culture at your peril”.  Making decisions without sufficient regard to the culture in which they’ll be impleme […]

7 Ways to Re-Ignite and Re-Motivate Your Staff

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Widespread job cuts and severe financial constraints combined with the toughest trading conditions experienced for years have left employees drained, scarred and significantly less productive than pre […]