Authentic Strategy Implementation Programme

You have a strategy, you may even have a plan to implement that strategy, and here are 3 common de-railers to achieving it in the time frame possible.

1)   No clear priorities – trying to do it all along with the day job

2)   Implementation of actions is functional and can fall in to silo’s

3)   No accountability, leading to a lack of trust and poor communication

 Our Authentic Strategy Implementation 90 day Programme helps you

–      Define clear priorities

–      Identify where the blocks are and work out how to remove these

–      Increase levels of trust within the team

–      Determine and agree responsibilities and accountability

–      Find the path of least resistance to implementing your strategy

–      Play to every person’s strengths; and this isn’t always functional

–      Discover where every person on the team adds the most value and where you are inadvertently sabotaging success.

–      Determine if you have gaps that need filling in order to successfully deliver the entire strategy

–      Understand the impact your style of leadership has on those around you as you engage others in delivering on the strategy

 Outcomes from the programme:-

–      Clarity, every person will understand the priorities of the strategy and their impact.

–      Focus, clear specific actions along with accountability so you can measure progress over the next 90 days.

–      Productivity, a way of working and thinking that you can carry on after the programme ends.

–      Energy, every person is moving in to flow, adding real value as well as getting immense personal satisfaction from what they’re doing.

Who does this work for:-

If you have a strategy to deliver and everyone in the team knows exactly what they’re doing, communication is clear, trust is high, motivation is high, with results being delivered on time and as promised then this programme won’t deliver anything extra to you.  However if you’d like to improve on any of the aspects mentioned then you’ll get a lot from this programme.

This has worked for site leadership teams.  It’s also worked for customer service teams, HR teams, finance teams and sales teams.

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