Being an Authentic Leader in today’s business environment is a tough job. Many leaders are seeking solutions to questions like:-

–       How can I ensure stability in the business so we have a solid platform for growth?

–       How can I build a team and a workplace where everyone is highly motivated, engaged and feels like they belong?

–       How can we increase the results we’re getting, making us more productive and profitable?

–       How can I increase my resourcefulness and resilience as the leader?

–       How can I operate from my full potential and be of more service to my staff and our clients?

For me as the leader of a business it’s important that I don’t become the rate limiting factor to the performance of the business and the people within it.  Consequently investing in my development and growth isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity, one that has over the years paid dividends.  More to the point as a leadership expert, when I find something that really works I share this with my clients.

Archetypes in Leadership are one such thing.  In fact I would say that understanding archetypes has made the single biggest impact to my effectiveness, and that this leadership development course is one that has made a significant difference to the clients I have shared this with.

If you’ve ever experienced times when your energy levels were high and you achieved your goals easily and effortlessly; whilst other times we were drained.  Or you’ve noticed some relationships just work and others you have to work at; that some people fit with the company and others stand out for the wrong reasons.  Then you’ve experienced the impact of archetypes.  The downside is you’ve experienced their impact – both positive and negative, but you can’t do anything about it.  You’re at the mercy of the archetypes, rather than them being a powerful resource, which they are, that you can tap in to and use at will, which you can.

If you have ever wanted to know more about who you are, your deepest motivations and your untapped strengths as an individual and a leader, if you’ve been seeking answers to any of the questions above, then join us this June.

Archetypes provide the deeper meaning for our experiences and our values.

They shape how we respond to other people, how we deal with challenges, how we interact with branding and marketing.  Much more than that they invoke an unconscious emotional resonance which determines how we act.

Because archetypes operate at such a deep unconscious level their impact on what’s possible for us to achieve is phenomenal.  Without any awareness of these it’s akin to driving an F1 car round the track with your feet on the accelerator and brake at the same time.

Understanding the power of archetypes enables you take your leadership and performance within the business to the next level.

In January 2016 we’ll be running a 3 month programme that let’s you uncover how archetypes are directing your leadership and the results you’re achieving both in your career and for the business. This programme is practical and personal so you’ll leave with specific knowledge and actions that will make a significant difference, plus our programme has our 100% money back guarentee, contact us for more information.